A beautiful principle in life is the law of giving. Simply put, when we give, we recieve. I give you a gift, and you feel grateful and happy! I see how happy you are, and I am also happy :) Then you go out and do the same for someone else, and the cycle keeps going. It's a big WIN WIN cycle.

This is what Taikopalooza is really about at its core, and as the saying goes "Kindness begins with me", I'm happy to start the cycle and give you all the opportunity to also give and  keep the cycle going. This is also why Taikopalooza is not just non-profit, it is free of charge. It's a gift, remember?

What is really great about Taikopalooza is that it takes one person to start it, and ALL OF US to make it happen. We all give, and we all recieve. We need DRUMS (lots of them), workshop leaders, and loads of helpers to keep things organized. It's really not too organized.... (actually we need the helpers to keep things crazy and fun... let's call it organized chaos), and let's not forget super positive attitudes and energy, enthusiasm, and love :)


This year, in addition to Taiko Zentrum Deustchland sponsoring Taikopalooza, we are super excited to be welcoming Kadon & Miyamoto Unosuke as sponsors of the event! Yoshi, Shoji & Aya have all been so open, warm and supportive and we are extremely grateful to have this amazing team on board to sponsor Taikopalooza! Thanks Kadon & Miyamoto Unosuke!!!


So when you register, please ask yourself this question: "HOW CAN I HELP?" Because it's not about what you're gonna get out of it, it's about how you can be an integral part of it and what you can give to make the event AMAZING :) 


This year we are trying something new. Instead of everyone booking hotels and rooms all over Ulm, we want to get everyone in the same place. It's so nice after a day full of taiko to sit and chill out with friends, eat, have a beer or two,and relax!

So... I am working with two hotels just outside of Ulm (10 minutes drive from the dojo). I have gotten an UNBELIEVABLE price for rooms - i.e. 25 Euro per night with breakfast for a double! The hotels are beautiful, we will have our own restaurant, bar, and biergarten, and they are located directly on the Danube, directly accross the street from one another. So don't book accommodation yet! As soon as I get initial registration complete, we will begin sorting out rooms for everyone. There are a few single, and a bunch of double and triple rooms. More info to come soon!

This also means we will need people who are driving to help out with shuttling people from the hotels to the dojo and back! See, there is already another way you can help! Worst case scenario, there is great bus service to and from the hotel to the dojo if we do not have enough people who can shuttle!


15.06.2018 - Friday afternoon early arrivals from 13:00. Dinner, Welcome Session, (evening) concert practice session!

16.06.2018 - Saturday Workshop 1,  Lunch, Workshop 2,  Evening Concert - Glacis Park & Biergarten, and Dinner.

17.06.2018 - Sunday Workshop 1, Lunch,  Workshop 2, Closing session, Dinner, and chill :)

18.06.2018 - Decompress Brunch for those who are still here late Monday morning!

Our event will officially end on Sunday evening. I would ask that you please not register for a participant space unless you can stay for the entire event, at a minimum the full day Saturday and Sunday (arriving late on Friday is fine). Since participant spaces will go quickly, I want these spots to be used to their fullest capacity!Observers are welcome to drop in and out of the event at their leisure!